Cosmetic Surgery Destinations Around the World

Cosmetic Surgery Destinations Around the World

Published on Jul 21st 2017

Why stay home to get work done? Instead, why not travel to any one of these international cosmetic surgery destinations.

Forget Netflix-and-Chill. Say hello to Travel-and-Tuck. Sure, you can probably find a cosmetic surgeon where you live. However, you might want to turn your “lift” into a more uplifting experience. Because there are countless options to choose from, men and women alike are traveling to distant countries to visit the world’s leading surgery destinations.

So, slip on your bathrobe and your spa headband, and let’s consult about these top cosmetic surgery destinations.

Clinica Ivo Pitanguy is a health and wellness clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Surrounded by greenery, the clinic contains four operating rooms as well as a health and beauty center that provides additional treatments. Because surgeries can be rather intensive, the clinic has six spacious suites where patients can recover and relax.

Dr. Des Fernandes is a plastic surgeon at the Renaissance Body Science Institute, a cosmetic surgery destination in Cape Town, South Africa. Most renowned for his unique skin needling techniques, Dr. Des also uses vitamin A in treatments to help rejuvenate the skin. In addition, Dr. Des is an expert in face, neck and brow lifts as well as other specialized treatments.

Laclinic Montreux is a world-class clinic set on the Swiss Riviera with dramatic views of the Alps. The clinic is led by Dr. Michel Pfulg, an international specialist in facial cosmetic surgery and a founding member of the Swiss Society of Cosmetic Surgeons. Most noteworthy, Dr. Pfulg is the inventor of the “soft lift,” a short scar face lifting technique.

Miami is probably the world’s most famous cosmetic surgery destination. As a result, it was the original setting of the popular television series Nip/Tuck. Like Beverly Hills, Miami is home to some of the leading surgeons in the world, such as Leonard A. Roudner (Dr. Lenny), who specializes in breast alterations. His clients have appeared on the covers and pages of Sports Illustrated, Playboy, Vogue and others.

So, are you making plans to #TravelandTuck this year? Leave a comment, and let us know where you’ll be heading.

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