Grow Your Yacht Club Membership with Unbeatable Benefits

Grow Your Yacht Club Membership with Unbeatable Benefits

Published on Jul 28th 2017

Exclusive members-only perks (and complimentary custom bathrobes) are the key to boosting your yacht club membership.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect yacht or sailing club. Cost, club size, and location are the most common considerations. However, one factor that can turn the tables is club benefits. So, if you’re looking to grow your yacht club membership, be sure to offer appealing activities, amenities and privileges.

Assorted Activities
The best yacht clubs have robust activities programs. They cater to older members by offering traditional activities, such as rowing, boating, cruising and scuba diving. They also please the younger crowd by hosting newer sports such as paddle surfing and underwater hockey. You can stand out by organizing family-friendly tournaments and sailing programs for children and teens.

Bathrobes for Newbies
Do members have special access to your club swimming pools and tennis courts? What about a members-only locker room with wholesale luxury towels and top-of-the-line spa amenities? One way to grow your yacht club membership is to offer resort-style bathrobes, embroidered with your club’s name and logo, to all new members.

Races & Regattas
Regattas come in all shapes and sizes. Even the most modest boating races are still highly attended social events. On the other hand, championship regattas can span several days with parties, concerts, food and entertainment. These events are great opportunities to meet would-be members. Club staff can mingle with guests and visitors to promote the club’s one-of-a-kind offerings.

Special Privileges
One benefit that members will enjoy is special privileges at affiliated businesses. For instance, are there any gyms or athletic clubs that your members have access to? The more connections you have with other companies and facilities, the more valuable your club membership will be.

So, if you’re looking to grow your yacht club membership, think up some enticing members-only benefits. The more perks that come with their membership, the more eager they’ll be to join. After all, cost and location are no match for unrivaled amenities.

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