How to Bring the Spa Experience to a Bed and Breakfast

How to Bring the Spa Experience to a Bed and Breakfast

Published on Mar 28th 2014

How to Bring the Spa Experience to a Bed and BreakfastWe all associate the ultimate in relaxation and pampering when we conjure up the image of a spa. This is where we are catered to, literally hand and foot, and from head to toe.

The Enticement of a Spa

When you cannot provide a literal spa for your guests, you can create an atmosphere where the sensation is one that mirrors the feeling. Just think of what some of the elements are that make a spa so enticing.

An Environment Catering to Our Well-Being

Let’s forget for a moment about massage rooms, a sauna and steam room, a pool, and other aspects that usually comprise an actual spa space. Instead, put the focus on how we actually feel when we are in an environment that caters to our well-being.

Permission to Indulge

A spa atmosphere allows us to put the cares of the world away for a while. It puts the emphasis on ourselves, giving us permission to indulge. Most of the time we are busy catering to others, whether it is within the family or on the job. We have come to believe that giving to ourselves is selfish or overindulgent, forgetting that if we don’t take care of ourselves first, we present a lackluster version that doesn’t do justice to our true essence.

Giving to Ourselves

Basking in peace and tranquility in an atmosphere of luxury is what we feel is the true spa experience. This is where we can find our energy and radiance again, where we regenerate back into our best selves. When we feel good, we feel good about others. When we give to ourselves, we can better give to others.

Achieving a Deeply Profound Experience

The way to bring a spa experience to a bed & breakfast is to focus on what the results a spa stay achieves. Without the accouterments of an actual spa, you can do wonders to help your guests feel like they are getting a deeply profound experience when it comes to relaxation and care.

The Finest Bathrobes

Surrounding your guests with exceptional items is an extremely important key to creating a sublime atmosphere. Bathrobes should be of the finest quality, made with an impeccable eye towards detailing when it comes to fabric, style, and manufacture. Presenting your guests with robes that fit in with every setting at your bed & breakfast is a powerful way to show them that you are sensitive to their needs.

Choosing Different Styles

A plush terrycloth robe goes beautifully in your guestrooms, creating a loving embrace after a warm shower or bath. Lounging on a terrace or balcony in a Satin Stripe, Waffle Weave, or Microtec Kimono style robe creates a feeling of class and ease, providing your guests with an elegant silhouette that goes a long way with any body type.The Positive Repercussions of a Great Robe We feel very strongly about the psychology of a robe. We’ve been in business a long time and have a lot of experience analyzing the positive repercussions of how a great robe affects people on the deepest level. The comfort one gets, the feeling of being able to let down one’s defenses, of feeling safe… these are undeniable and go more than a long way when it eventually comes to identifying the best sensations with the level of service and care they will get at your bed & breakfast.

The Ultimate Feeling That One is at Home

A bathrobe implies that one should feel at home. Allowing your guests to feel that they can put their feet up and their worries away as they are enveloped in the fabric of a great bathrobe is one of the greatest gifts you can give to them. Here there is a feeling of nonjudgmental acceptance: wear your robe, lay back, be who you are, let your hair down.

Luxury in Function, Look, and Feel

Another essential ingredient in providing a spa experience to your guests is by giving them the very best quality towels available. Towels that have been made with extreme attention to looping methods that allow for the greatest amount of moisture absorption are fundamental. When the base threads are close together, the entire towel has a weight and importance to it that makes all the difference. Our Boca Terry towels are created with particular care to ensuring this level of luxury in function, look, and feel.

Going Green

With more and more attention being given to eco-friendly products, Green items create another serious nod to the best in spa care. By offering robes and towels that have been made from non-GMO cotton seeds and grown without pesticides, fungicides, and other toxins, will offer peace of mind to your guests not only for this practice, but also because they are totally hypoallergenic.

An Impeccably Embroidered Logo

The logo of your establishment placed beautifully on all of your robes and towels is yet another way to present your bed & breakfast as a world-class location for people who understand quality. An impeccably embroidered emblem will remind your guests of your exquisite service and your belief that everyone should be treated like royalty. If you have an online or in-house boutique, offering your merchandise in this way allows your clientele to take home a piece of you for themselves and as generous gifts to friends and families.

Providing An Oasis

Accompanied by top tier amenities, such as organic soaps and shampoos, your bed & breakfast will look and feel like an exclusive spa where people come to shed the cares of the world. With your generous hospitality, you will help to provide an oasis where even just a few days with you will be enough to regenerate and revitalize each guest that crosses your threshold.

Depicting the Essence of Your Establishment

Boca Terry offers a range of gorgeously styled robes and towels. Our design experts will be happy to work with you on creating a logo or monogram that perfectly depicts the essence of your establishment.

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