Luxury Bathrobes for Your Hotel’s Pool Area

Luxury Bathrobes for Your Hotel’s Pool Area

Published on Feb 18th 2016

You’ve gone through every effort to perfect your hotel’s amenities so your guests can enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Yet, something still seems to be missing—perhaps, the perfect bathrobe for visitors to wear by your hotel pool.

The good news is that at Boca Terry, you don’t have to think twice about where to go to find an excellent fit for any one of your guests. They can feel comfortable no matter which part of your hotel they’re staying in.

A Unique Accessory

Rather than getting the expected towel services by the pool, guests will be delighted to get a  plush robe to dry off in when they finish swimming their laps. You can place the bathrobes in their rooms to wear on the way to the pool area, or stack them up on the towel shelves in by the pool so guests can grab them at their leisure.

Indoors and Outdoors Use

Whether your pool area is indoors, outdoors, or both, bathrobes can be worn just about anywhere. You can add the touch of luxury to any corner. If your hotel features a Jacuzzi and recreational center by the pool, guests can make use of your facilities without having to worry about packing extra cover-ups.

Versatile Fabrics

At  Boca Terry, the different types of materials used in making the high quality designs of our luxurious bathrobes characterize our varied selection. You can find everything from combed cotton terry or velour to satin and microfiber robes to make for an excellent wrap. For the pool area, it’s recommended to go for an absorbent cotton terry fabric.

Form-Fitting for All

Our bathrobes come in one-size-fits-all options and some styles also come in plus sizes. You don’t have to worry about accommodating the silhouette of each one of your guests, since each bathrobe model will conveniently flatter any body shape. All you have to do is choose the bathrobes that best represent your hotel’s ambience and guests can indulge in a snug embrace.

Practical Composition

Boca Terry bathrobes are not only made of the best quality materials; they are all equipped with features that ooze sensibleness. Guests can keep their belongings close by and stored in the large, generous pockets flaunted on the front of the bathrobes. In addition, the bathrobes can be easily folded or hung in place with the available hanger loop, and guests can adjust the belt height thanks to the double belt loops.

Hotel Event Necessities

Whether you’re holding a large outdoor pool party or celebrating a holiday event, having lavish bathrobes near will help make the festivities even more pleasurable. Guests can leave their swimsuit cover-ups behind and take cover with their own fitting robes. Boca Terry’s bathrobes are easy and comfortable to move around in, so guests can enjoy eating a poolside meal or having drinks by the bar in their robes, too.

Customizable Nature

You can flaunt your hotel brand and maintain your brand identity with a personalized robe. At Boca Terry, you can customize your robes with custom prints or designs to feature an original design for your hotel. Go with intricately stitched emblems, logos, monograms, or another depiction of your brand to augment the opulent effect.

Simple Maintenance

All of our bathrobes are durable and easy to maintain. They can withstand undergoing several washes to keep up with the high hygienic standards of the hospitality industry. This is an especially helpful facet for bathrobes that’ll be used in the pool areas.

Mix and Match

Our bathrobes go with an assortment of accessories and settings. To begin with, any style you go with can match a contemporary or more traditional atmosphere. You can match your choice of bathrobes with Boca Terry’s chic  lounge chair covers that come with conveniently fitted hoods to stay in place. We also have a range of skid-free open-toe and closed-toe slippers.

Ideal Gifts

Just when you think it can get any better than having access to the above, there’s another great feature associated with having bathrobes for your hotel’s pool—you can hand them out as parting gifts! Your guests will always remember their ultra comfortable stay at your hotel every time they throw their bathrobes on. If you have a small boutique at your hotel, you can even have the robes ready for sale there, too.

Luxe Assortment

The following are some of the bathrobes you can choose from at Boca Terry to complete your guests’ relaxing stay and make their visit to your pool a truly satisfying one:

  • Classic Shawl Collar bathrobe
  • Basic Kimono
  • Checkered bathrobe
  • Kimono Waffle
  • Hooded bathrobe
  • Knit Waffle bathrobe
  • Microterry bathrobe
  • Microtec bathrobe
  • Shawl Waffle bathrobe
  • Velour Stripe bathrobe

Going Green with Flair

Some of your guests might have allergies or they might be sensitive to certain fabrics—or you might be promoting a more eco-friendly lodging experience. That’s when Boca Terry’s organic bathrobes are a great choice for being environmentally sound while still looking and feeling like royalty. Our organic models include:

  • Organic Basic Kimono
  • Organic Classic Shawl Collar
  • Organic Lightweight Waffles

Choosing the Perfect Bathrobe

Everyone gets one chance when it comes to the first impression, and in the hospitality industry, making yours count is critical. Paying attention to details and making sure that you exceed your visitors’ expectations will guarantee your ride for success.

With so many choices available, it may seem daunting to find the perfect robe for your hotel, but it doesn’t have to be. At Boca Terry, our knowledgeable team of professionals is always ready to help you make the right choice for your business.

So if you’re ready to enhance your hotel’s pool area, contact Boca Terry today and we’ll be more than glad to answer any of your questions and get you started on your order.

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