MOST COMFORTABLE ROBE: 5 Tips You Should Know Before Buying a Robe

MOST COMFORTABLE ROBE: 5 Tips You Should Know Before Buying a Robe

Published on Apr 1st 2019

There’s something undeniably appealing about bathrobes. A great robe can help you stay warm, cover up, or make your morning routine more pleasant. It’s also a small luxury—something to splurge on, just enough to make you feel pampered and cared for. When buying a robe for yourself, you may already know the materials and styles you like, however, there are some things to keep in mind to find that perfect, most comfortable robe!

Think about temperature:
The fabrics will depend on whether you’re looking to stay warm, keep cool or cover up at the pool. For cooler temperatures, plush kinds such as velour and fleece are best. Lightweight knits like jersey are best in warmer temperatures. Terry or waffle work best out of the shower.

Consider how it will be used:
The small details on a robe can make a big difference in functionality. Robes with long sleeves or shawl collars are great to bundle up while lounging around. A kimono-style robe will have a collar that lays flat and it will have shorter sleeves that won’t get in the way if you’re being more active.

Low maintenance is key:
Look for a product that’s easy to clean and will be long-lasting. Here quality is most important since you won’t want a bathrobe you’ll need to dry clean or hand wash!

What length do you need?:
Men’s robes typically fall either to the mid-calf or the ankle. Women’s robes, however, have more length options and can fall anywhere from mid-thigh to ankle.

Know the importance of color:
If you’re not buying for yourself, choosing a color can be tricky. Go with a neutral if you’re not sure. However, color can be incredibly alluring in a comfortable and well-made robe so feel free to get creative!

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