Robes Reside in the Most Unusual Places

Robes Reside in the Most Unusual Places

Published on Jun 14th 2021

Thin and thick, soft and softer, Boca Terry robes enwrap guests in hotels and spas from Miami to Manila. You’d expect that.

But guess what? Our robes — which are designed and manufactured just for Boca Terry— add the same element of indulgence in all other kinds of venues, from cruise ship cabins to club locker rooms. Here are the most surprising.

Yachts Hey, luxury robes on luxury vessels. That adds up.

Surgical offices Paper gowns? Thin wrinkled cloth ones? Not for these patients. Physicians providing an upgraded medical experience stock Boca Terry robes instead.

Radiology offices Comfort matters. Women receiving mammograms, men undergoing MRIs … they all feel more securely covered in a fabric robe.

Cruise ships Passengers on resorts-at-sea pack lightly due to minimal storage space, so they delight in finding ready-to-wear robes in their staterooms.

Hospitals Long stays require extra TLC. The simple gesture of providing a basic bathrobe makes all the difference as patients receive visitors or walk the halls.

Private clubs While engraved logos are a popular add-on in all the industries Boca Terry serves, private clubs take exceptional pride in sporting their names boldly. A locker room robe with an emblem over the heart is the perfect perk for post-tennis, squash or golf trips to and from the shower.

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