Room Drop Gift Ideas for Luxury Travelers

Room Drop Gift Ideas for Luxury Travelers

Published on Mar 29th 2018

The best room drop gift ideas leave a lasting first impression on your guests, and they’re the perfect opportunity to effortlessly showcase your company or brand.

Your guests will attest: The most appreciated welcome baskets and swag bags are those that put the recipients’ needs and interests first. So, consider these 5 room drop gift ideas to avoid the mundane and give them something memorable.

Go Local

Locally-sourced” anything says that you’re not gifting them regular old peanut butter. Rather, you’re giving them a premium-quality spread made from Georgia-grown peanuts. From ceramic coasters to wild huckleberries sourced from a nearby valley, “local” is always a charming choice.

Go Functional

Skip the sweets and standard branded merchandise. Instead, gift your guests something they’ll be eager to use. For instance, consider a slim speed card holder, the perfect accessory at networking events. Or, how about a universal USB charger? Whatever it is, make sure it’s carry-on friendly.

Go Classic

Want a room drop gift with “wow” factor that doesn’t cost a fortune? Your best bet is a Classic Shawl Collar Bathrobe—a price-competitive, one-size-fits-all robe crafted from terry or velour. Best of all, this luxurious crowd-pleaser can be customized with a monogram, embroidered logo, emblem, name, or unique design. Hence, whenever your guests wear the robe, they’ll be thinking of you.

Go Portable

For guests who travel often, portable luxuries are a must. Never miss with a portable humidifier for improved sleep or a travel safe to protect your precious belongings. Portable hotspots are also a guaranteed win – especially when the airport wi-fi is password protected.

Go Sustainable

Bottles of wine are difficult to pack and often left behind. Instead, include a wine voucher in their swag bag. Your guests can even claim it after the event. When they do, they’ll be sure to toast you for the welcome home bottle of chardonnay.

If you need more room drop gift ideas, visit Boca Terry for some luxurious inspiration.

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