Trade Show Coming to Town? How to Entice Attendees to Stay with You

Trade Show Coming to Town? How to Entice Attendees to Stay with You

Published on Jan 17th 2017

Trade Show Coming to Town? How to Entice Attendees to Stay with You on

Hotel marketing tips to attract trade show attendees

Trade shows of any caliber greatly affect local businesses. Traffic is increased, small and large parties want to set up business dinners and after-hours events, and almost all attendees need a place to stay. As a hotel owner, you want to attract more of these visitors to your hotel. While the trade show might encourage certain hotels, there are several opportunities to entice attendees to stay at yours.

Offer deals or discounted rates

Providing discounted rates and group deals to attendees are a great way to get your hotel noticed as a viable option, especially from businesses that plan to have a large presence at the trade show. Reach out to those organizing the event and to select attendee organizations to alert them of your offers so they can help spread the word.

Advertise in or sponsor the trade show

Trade shows offer a multitude of advertising and sponsorship opportunities throughout their event. Purchasing space in their reminder emails, on their website, or in their brochures can help get your name in front of the right audience at the right time. Some sponsorship packages will even provide their email attendee list as part of the donation, which will allow you to reach out to attendees on a more personal level. Additionally, sponsoring a lunch or break-out session can take it one step further, as getting to attend the trade show itself not only gives you the opportunity to pitch to attendees, but gets you in front of the trade show organizers, giving you the chance to recommend your hotel for their next event.

Mobile geofencing

Geofencing is a location-based service that will send messages to smartphone users who enter a defined geographic area. In your case, 3-miles from your hotel and the trade show. This offers a short-term, affordable way to reach your target audience during the conference.

Get social

If you want to reach trade show attendees before the conference, stick with social media. Use your hotel’s social media channels to post about your hotel (and discounted rates) on the trade show’s social media pages. Pay attention to those who are engaging on the trade show’s social media channels and engage back with them directly. This might take a bit more time, but this strategy has the opportunity to offer the best return, as you can answer any questions the attendee might have directly and immediately. Fostering that relationship between your brand and the attendees will set your hotel apart from the other hotels in the area.

Customized gifts

Offer trade-show branded, customized gifts to attendees that stay with you. One of the best ways to promote your brand is to give guests something tangible to remember them by. And we’re not talking about a pen. Go the extra mile with something they can enjoy after the show ends, like a luxury bathrobe and slippers waiting for them in their room after a long day on the trade show floor. Embroider the trade show’s logo as well as your hotel’s and you’re set to be remembered.

You’re not alone; it’s as difficult for businesses to get ideas to step up their tradeshow game as it is for your hotel to get your name out there. If you’re looking for something memorable and classy, look no further than Boca Terry. Our extensive line of promotional and luxurious robes, slippers, towels and spa accessories helps your hotel stand out from the competition at competitive pricing. Contact us today for a wholesale quote, whether it’s for customized gifts or to order robes for all of your rooms, or any questions you have about our selection.

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