Unique Bathrobe Designs Can Help You Stand Out from the Competition

Unique Bathrobe Designs Can Help You Stand Out from the Competition

Published on Nov 25th 2013

Unique Bathrobe Designs Can Help You Stand Out from the CompetitionIs it any wonder that so many of the best hotels, spas, cruise lines, and resorts are turning to Boca Terry when it comes to ordering luxury robes, towels, and spa accessories? After so many years in the hospitality business, the quality of our products is by now legendary, with classic styles that endure.

Achieving the Best Word of Mouth

Today we want to talk about our unique bathrobe designs that can help you stand out from the competition. With so many opportunities for advertising and publicity, it is sometimes easy to forget that the true test of longevity in this industry is through the glowing word of mouth that occurs after a contented guest’s stay at your establishment.

Speaking Volumes About Your Brand

With social media, online trending sites, and ratings systems that travelers so love to participate in, it is absolutely essential that you do not hold back when it comes to choosing the best in fabric, execution, and design. As a member of the hospitality industry, you already know that a robe is the absolute and unequivocal symbol of good taste and attention to detail and speaks volumes about what your brand stands for and cares about when it comes to comfort.

The Key to True Quality

If your robes and towels are worn and threadbare, if they start to feel heavy the moment they come in contact with moisture, if they begin to look tired after just a few launderings, then you are doing something wrong.  A good robe or towel that is worthy of your establishment will look as good as it did on the day of purchase as on the umpteenth hundred wash. A good robe is sewn to last, and its materials are chosen to endure the rigors of our industry, which means fabric is key to demonstrating true quality.

Applying the Utmost Scrutiny

At Boca Terry, we are fiends when it comes to every single aspect of manufacture and production. Like you, our reputation is on the line and we do not let one single piece in our inventory escape the utmost of scrutiny.

Standing the Test of Time

We are perfectionists, and we assume you are as well, which is why you are reading this article with such attention, why you are our client, and why, if you aren’t, you are about to be! Every robe that we create is tested to ensure that throughout its life it will stand up to the test of time.

Putting Your Brand Front and Center

Our criteria for a luxury garment also include a unique design that puts your brand front and center. We have a wide range of choices when it comes to our exceptional bathrobes, which gives you the opportunity to order robes that correspond to the season, as well as for particular use such as in-room, at the spa, at the beach, for glamorous lounging around the pool, and so on.

Easy to Order, Friendly to Your Bottom Line

Our robes are created for both men and women, and except for a few which are specifically for women, such as the Pink Kimono Satin robe, this makes it very easy to order and is very friendly to your bottom line. Many of our styles come with shawl collars that can be rolled up to protect the neck when needed and roll up or down cuffs that provide the ultimate in comfort. Our deep pockets allow guests to safely store their cellphones, keys, or other sundries without worrying that they will spill out. The double belt loops that we place on our robes allows for easy waist height adjustment, and the loop on the inside behind the collar is perfect for quick hanging until the next wearing.

Sourcing the Right Materials

We spend a lot of time at Boca Terry sourcing just the right materials for our bathrobes. Because more of our clients are requesting Organically Grown Cotton, we have made sure to find the very best resources to ensure the purist quality available in the marketplace today. This means we can guarantee the integrity of every phase of production, from selection of non-GMO seeds to how every thread is woven.

The Finest Quality Blends

Our blends are also the finest quality. Using exceptional polyesters combined with cotton, sumptuous French terry, finely created satin, and other fabrics, we are able to offer the gamut, which allows our customers to offer a variety of styles to their guests.

Exquisite Detailing

One of the elements in our unique bathrobe designs is our exquisite detailing found in the customized embroidery we create for our clients. When you bring us your logo or design, our embroidery experts are able to recreate it impeccably, with details that bring out every nuance of your artwork. When artfully placed on each robe that you order, you have automatically created a robe that is individual, making each one of your guests feel like he or she is a special member of your private club, which is a sensation that everybody enjoys.

Taking Home a Favorite Robe

Because so many hotels, spas, resorts, and casinos now have their own online and in-house boutiques, providing guests with the opportunity to buy their favorite robe to take home has become an essential in staying ahead of the pack. What better way to advertise your brand than when a happy guest has the chance to wear your bathrobe every single day in the comfort of his or her home? And to be reminded of the exceptional time he or she had with you through the simple presence of your logo is one of the most intelligent ways to help you stand out from the competition.

Available for Consultation

Our experts are here to help and advise you when it comes not only to purchase and design, but also when it comes to perfecting your image through your selections. Feel free to consult with us so that we can help you attain and retain the position within our industry that you deserve. Contact us today by calling (877) 421-6001 or filling out the form on our Contact Us page.

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