8 Ways a Bathrobe Can Make Your Life More Comfortable Around the House

8 Ways a Bathrobe Can Make Your Life More Comfortable Around the House

Published on Oct 6th 2015

Bathrobes were made to serve a number of purposes and the relaxation benefits they provide are among the main features that make them a household essential. There are numerous ways in which you can enjoy the benefits of a bathrobe from the comfort of your home. The following prove the versatility of the bathrobe in a domestic setting—and they might just motivate you to change your regular at-home wardrobe choices.

1. Wake up to Comfort

Nothing feels better than waking up to your favorite cup of coffee or tea with a snug bathrobe. You can move around with ease and still feel like you’re in between the sheets even when you’re out of bed.

Whether you’re wearing a velour or terry fabric bathrobe from Boca Terry, you won’t have to contemplate which outfit to wear right after you wake up. If you like having breakfast before hopping into the shower, or prefer munching on your milk and cereal after a warm bath instead, Boca Terry’s Basic Kimono bathrobe is an ideal morning buddy.

2. Cook Without an Apron

Cooking doesn’t just call for the availability of the right cooking utensils and the proper pinch of salt; you also need a hint of flexibility to get everything in order on time. Instead of feeling confined by restrictive clothing, you should be able to make your way around the kitchen or your patio’s barbeque with ease.

You can efficiently blend the ingredients of a savory crepe or those of a five-course meal with the help of a bathrobe’s loose sleeves to ease the stirring movements. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about making a mess since Boca Terry’s selection of highly practical bathrobes can be effortlessly washed.

3. Clean with a Peace of Mind

Do you have some heavy-duty house cleaning to do? Cleaning isn’t really the most enjoyable chore, so it’s important to wear something that can pacify some of the discomfort that accompanies scrubbing windows or sweeping the floor.

Bathrobes allow you to move freely—and yes, even get to those hard-to-reach places—without feeling constrained. With a white bathrobe, you won’t have to worry about accidently tarnishing your colored clothes when using strong products like bleach. Boca Terry’s collection offers white bathrobes galore.

4. Work Without the Business Attire

If you work from home, a bathrobe is the ultimate soothing garment. You can sit in your home office or wherever you choose to work from and easily get the job done. Make and receive phone calls, answer your e-mails, and take to the filing with a bathrobe that keeps up with your work ethic.

Boca Terry’s Microtec bathrobe is a great choice to walk around the house in. You can store your cell phone or other work tools in the front pockets of the robe, which offer plenty of room for storage. So, you can be away from your computer and remain in close proximity with your duties.

5. Prepare for a Night out or Night In

A fun night out is best spent when you’re not running around like a crazy person before heading out the door. While you get ready, you can save time thinking about what to wear by wearing a bathrobe and getting other things done. For example, ladies can do their hair and makeup more comfortably, and men can shave or iron their shirt while wearing a smooth bathrobe.

You can even prepare to stay in and enjoy a candle lit bubble bath, without having to compromise taking in the sweet aroma of lotions and oils. The Microfiber with Plush Lining bathrobe from Boca Terry is a great option for both men and women.

6. Use Fewer Towels by the Pool

Planning on tanning out by your pool? Or are you throwing a festive pool party? Whatever your plans surrounding some amusement by the water may be, a bathrobe can decrease your laundry load.

You’ll need fewer towels and you can replace your swimsuit cover-up with a modish bathrobe, too. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about drenching your indoor furniture with Boca Terry’s Microterry bathrobe that comes with a comfy shawl collar.

7. Take the Dog Out in Style

Instead of wearing the usual athletic gear to walk your dog outside (around the house), Boca Terry’s bathrobes are chic and comfortable enough to wear instead. You may not feel like changing your clothes a million times. The good news is bathrobes are just as easy to take off as they are to put on.

You’ll be the envy of your neighborhood with the multipurpose Velour Stripe Kimono from Boca Terry. Its roll-up collar and sleeves, along with its decent length, will maintain your privacy while still offering enough room to move around.

8. Replace Pajamas on a Lazy Sunday

Sundays are the best time of the week to get your rest and prepare for the upcoming week. What better place to relax from a fun-filled weekend than home? Be a couch potato and catch up on the things you didn’t have time to get to sooner, with a bathrobe that’ll make you forget you’re wearing anything at all.

When There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Thinking of staying at home should ring the bell of comfort in your mind. Bathrobes are a great alternative to just about any outfit choice you generally go for when you’re around the house. Being indoors or outdoors calls for specific clothing that may at times feel restrictive in letting you reach a supreme level of relaxation.

Boca Terry’s large selection of bathrobes offers an ample amount of room for diversifying their use no matter where you are or what you’re doing. The high-quality fabrics we use in each bathrobe not only provide for a luxe appeal, but they also establish convenience as a priority. So don’t delay and contact us today to get the bathrobe that’ll make you want to be around your house more often.

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