What You Can Tell About a Hotel from Its Bathrobes & Accessories

What You Can Tell About a Hotel from Its Bathrobes & Accessories

Published on Sep 10th 2015

What You Can Tell About a Hotel from Its Bathrobes & AccessoriesHotels have a lot to keep track of. Between caring for guests, keeping the establishment spot-free, and maintaining a blemish-free reputation, there are a lot of things on a hotelier’s to-do list.

And, to be completely honest, a hotel’s reputation is a large factor that can determine their success as a business, overall.

So, what does your wardrobe—mainly bathrobes and spa accessories—have to say about your reputation? Do your amenities speak volumes about your establishment?

Find out more about what guests can tell about your hotel from your bathrobes and accessories.

  1. The Quality You Invest in Them

They quality of your amenities and bathrobes tell guests whether or not you are willing to go the extra mile for them—and if so, how far you are going to go.

Not concerned with guest comfort? Say it with your towels. Love your guests and want to treat them with the respect they deserve? Realize that your travelers could have stayed with any number of your competitors during their trip? Then, show it! Let them know you have their interest at heart with high quality amenities.

  1. Attention to Detail

Each detail your guest notices can make or break their experience. Sometimes it’s the little details that become the highlights of a great experience—while sometimes they are just the icing on the cake.

Because we care about the details to go into our bathrobes, your customers will know that you do, too. When you invest in Boca Terry products, you are giving your guests bathrobes that were manufactured with pride.

We take full ownership of the manufacturing process. And, with a fully stocked shipment center in South Florida, you can rest assured that your bathrobes and spa accessories are never too far away! After all, customer service and care are all in the details, too.

  1. Customer Care

When a hotel cares about what they offer their guests, it’s obvious to visitors that they care about their guests in general. And this matters to them. Think of it this way: pretend you are the guest.

You finally saved up for the birthday trip, anniversary celebration or summer vacation of a lifetime over the past year. With each paycheck, you put just enough into your savings to reward yourself in time for the big trip.

Now, understand that this trip could go one of two ways. Maybe, you’ll finally arrive at the hotel or on the resort and you are greeted with a tropical fruit punch to celebrate. You are ushered to your room, where a towel animal and freshly picked hibiscus flower lie on your feathery, soft bed. Nearby, a plush, newly cleaned bathrobe awaits you, ready to lead you into a relaxing evening after a day of traveling.

Or, you could find a bargain brand bathrobe hanging over the rack, lifeless and unwelcoming. Your dimly lit room smells musty and uninviting. After all that scrimping and saving, your vacation fell down the drain. You don’t want that, do you?

As a hotel owner, which experience do you want your guests to have during their stay with you? We so commonly think of things from the business perspective—but why not think about your hotel from the way visitors see it? They are the reason you are in the business in the first place, and it is important to keep their best interest at the forefront of your mind.

  1. Class

There is no substitution for luxury—and offering up luxury amenities is a great way to bring your hotel to the top. Made with only the finest materials sourced globally, Boca Terry bathrobes, towels and accessories will bring your establishment to the next level, displaying your attention to detail and interest in establishing yourself as a high-class hotel.

Not sure where to begin? Consider opting for Boca Terry’s wide collection of bathrobes and spa accessories to bring your hotel to life—all while solidifying your reputation as a great establishment.

Contact us today for wholesale pricing or to place an order. We are ready to help your hotel establish and manage a reputation of care, class, quality, and attention to detail with our affordable luxury amenities.


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