Why a Nice Bathrobe will Make Your Airbnb Guests Happier

Why a Nice Bathrobe will Make Your Airbnb Guests Happier

Published on Nov 12th 2015

Why a Nice Bathrobe will Make Your AirBNB Guests Happier

The key to having guests return for another stay (or to even lengthen their stay) is by emphasizing your focus on the elements that place comfort as a priority. Besides preparing a quality breakfast menu, smooth linens, and the proper temperature for your room(s), having a luxe bathrobe ready will make all the difference.

The Epitome of Comfort

Who said only 5-star hotels can place bathrobes in their rooms? There are so many levels of comfort your guests can enjoy with your simple choice of the right bathrobe:

  • Guests Can Pack Less

Packing for a trip is perhaps one of the most dreaded tasks that many travelers like to get done as soon as they can. Frequent travelers, in particular, are usually no strangers to last-minute packing.

Guests will have the comfort of knowing that they can leave out a few garments they were planning on bringing on their trip, since they can replace them with a bathrobe. They can travel a little lighter.

  • Versatility in Usage

Guests can also wear their bathrobe pretty much any time of the day. Whether they’d like to stay in their rooms and watch TV or get ready for a night out, having a bathrobe near will help them do so without making an extra effort.

The fact that bathrobes can be worn from day till night make them a practical accessory for any guest. You can cater to visitors of just about any age and they’ll almost always find a reason to use their robe. Some guests might prefer to have their breakfast in your inn before they begin to get ready to go out—that’s where their bathrobe would come in.

  • Privacy Measure

Your guests might want to get a glass of water in the middle of the night. Rather than having any surprises (both on your end or theirs), bathrobes help to maintain privacy. Guests won’t have to worry about changing and neither will you if you have one for your own.

These garments can also come in handy in times of an emergency. Guests might sometimes be forced to leave their rooms quicker than they can get ready, so throwing on a bathrobe can assist in exiting their room decently.

If your Airbnb visitors forget something in their vehicle or in another room in your lodge, they can just put their bathrobe on to go and get it. Take for instance, a time when you were entering the shower, but forgot your razor or any other necessity. The first thing you probably thought about is how to go out of the bathroom and decently get your item.

  • Spruced-up Bedroom

 Your lodge may not be categorized as a 5-star resort, but you can still give your guests the feeling of staying in one. By simply placing a bathrobe in their bedroom or bathroom with enough space for storage, visitors will have the chance to enjoy the same comfortable aura of a high-end hotel.

  • Peace of Mind

One of the most inconvenient things that can happen when traveling is losing a piece of luggage containing all of your personal belongings. This can happen to just about anyone. If you have a chic bathrobe ready for your guests upon arrival, this can be a lifesaver.

A bathrobe serves as a great backup garment, and not just for times of lost luggage. It can also be used as a replacement for a forgotten article of clothing. Packing for a trip requires packing tactfully, but sometimes, while one is in a state of rushing, it isn’t uncommon to miss an item or two.

A Common Thread

Bathrobes aren’t just beneficial for your guests; they’re advantageous for your own use, too. For one, you won’t have to worry about attending to a larger laundry load, since bathrobes can often take the place of towels. Having a lower laundry load can in turn lower your energy bills.

Bathrobes are also an affordable alternative to adding an extra touch to your Airbnb. At Boca Terry, we offer a wide selection of high quality bathrobes that can fit the décor of your guest room(s) and match your own preferences.

The high quality of our bathrobes makes for their durability. The fabric of our bathrobes is well equipped to handle the numerous wash cycles for hygienic purposes, which is absolutely necessary in the hospitality industry.

Some our favorite bathrobes you can use in your Airbnb include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Basic Kimono
  • Microfiber with Plush Lining
  • Checkered Bathrobe
  • Microtec Bathrobe
  • Knit Waffle Bathrobe


If you’d like to go green, you may also choose from our organic bathrobe line:

  • Organic Basic Kimono
  • Organic Classic Shawl Collar
  • Organic Lightweight Waffles

Along with the inclusion of a bathrobe, you can even embellish the details by throwing in a pair of open-toe or closed-toe slippers form Boca Terry. We can also customize your bathrobe order if you wish to add custom embroidery.

Complete the range of bathroom amenities with Boca Terry’s spa accessories, as well. You might not have a spa, but you can still have the same additions to make for a similar experience.

Where Glee Meets Relaxation

If you’re still thinking about whether you should include a nice bathrobe in your guests’ stay(s), consider all of the ways it will take their comfort to another level Your guests’ content can lead them to more returns and referrals.

Contact Boca Terry today to learn more about our varied collection of bathrobes, and how to choose the perfect ones for your Airbnb.

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