Why Luxury Brands in the Service Industry Prefer Organic Materials

Why Luxury Brands in the Service Industry Prefer Organic Materials

Published on Sep 28th 2013

Today we are leaning more towards what is natural and wholesome. As we learn about the hazards of pesticides and herbicides, we are becoming more conscious about the importance of organic practices that bring us back to a healthy way of living.

Eco Conscious Production and Manufacture


The hospitality industry is right along side of this powerful trend to go Green. We are seeing so many of our clients turning to us for luxury organic robes and towels, which we make with the utmost sensitivity to eco-conscious production and manufacture processes.

Sourcing From Reliable Farms


At Boca Terry, we are extremely careful about our selection of products. Sourcing our organic cotton from the most reliable farms, we can assure our customers that they are getting 100% pure fabrics that will provide their guests with the peace of mind they deserve.

A Huge Shift in the Hospitality Industry


From observing better recycling protocols, informing guests about the benefits of towel reuse, choosing environmentally sound materials for building, opting to use more efficient lighting sources, and adding farm-to-table foods to the menu, we are seeing a huge shift in the hospitality industry. The increase in sales for our 100% cotton terrycloth robes has been astounding, as our worldwide clients are heeding the desires of travelers who are looking for a Greener patch in which to enjoy their time.

Finding Healthier Alternatives


Organic materials assure the wearer that he or she is not exposed to harmful toxins. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and absorbs everything that it touches. As people become more informed about harmful chemicals in makeup and toiletry products, as well as the fibers with which their clothing is made, they are becoming adamant about finding healthier alternatives.

Going Back to the Basics


It is in a way ironic that luxury now means going back to the basics. Fifty years ago, it was normal to see 100% cotton robes, where today it is more of an anomaly. This being said, we are witnessing a very strong trend to return to what our forebears took for granted, which was untainted products that didn’t need to be tested to determine if they contained allergens or worse.

High Grade Materials Made with Love and Care


As farming practices have adapted to exploding populations, the need to up the ante on crop growth has become the norm. Rather than observing natural biological cycles, buying local, and observing time-tested methods of natural production, our current trade system is based on large quantities of less quality. At Boca Terry we hold true to our mission to provide our clients with the highest possible grade materials. We find we are still able to produce in quantity without sacrificing our beliefs that everyone deserves the best. And this, to us, is the definition of luxury.

Enduring Through Time


The difference is, how one defines “the best.” For Boca Terry, it is in how we source our products, from seed to thread. It is in how we loop and sew, how we make sure that every piece of cloth is made to last, and how our classic styles can endure through time.

Luxury at the Highest Standard


Never trendy, we manage to stay ahead of the trend. Our mission is to keep our definition of luxury at the highest standard, never compromising, always staying as reliable as we have been since the day we opened our doors long ago.

Behaving Like a Boutique Establishment


Our increasing reputation for luxury products perhaps is also based on the fact that though we have become a large company, we behave like a boutique establishment. With factories in many countries throughout the world, we handle all aspects of production and manufacture intimately. With a watchful eye over quality control, we make sure that every single article that leaves our premises passes muster by matching up to our strict criteria for a superior product.

Keeping Your Costs Down and Your Reputation Up


Reliability is another facet of luxury. Why do people spend thousands of dollars on a high-end Swiss made timepiece? Because it can be relied upon to tell time up to the millisecond and rarely needs a tune up. This means that in the end, it is saving you money on lost time and repairs. Like the best Swiss watch, Boca Terry products can be relied upon to give you the longevity you need to keep your costs down and your reputation up.

Rising in Rank


It is a competitive world out there, and everyone is vying for the top spot on vacationer’s and business traveler’s lists. With TripAdvisor and other ratings sites, commentary regarding an establishment’s attention to Green practices is increasing. When you present your guests with top tier robes and towels made of organic materials, you will find yourself rising in rank.

Attention to Detail and Consideration


Organic materials guarantee that a sensitive guest does not have to worry about any type of skin aggravation. If he or she is prone to rashes, eczema, or allergies, or even asthma or other types of respiratory conditions, the advantage of a 100% organic robe and towel is obvious. When you offer this type of service, you are proving your attention to detail and consideration.

The Feel of a Pure Cotton Robe


Everyone loves the feel of a pure cotton robe. When you wrap yourself up in the cozy fibers that lap up moisture and keep you dry and warm, there is nothing better. This is another definition of luxury, and something that everyone deserves, especially when they are taking a vacation to unwind and find their equilibrium once again.

100% Organic


This is why luxury brand hotels, spas, cruise lines, and other establishments are now stocking their inventory with 100% organic materials. Like foods without additives, a great robe made from cotton grown the old-fashioned way, without toxic pesticides and fungicides, is palpably different from its tainted cousins.

Contact Us Today


To learn more about our organic processes, please call (877) 421-6001. If you’re a business looking to make a wholesale purchase, please visit our wholesale pages. If you’re just looking for a better quality, organic product for you and your family, please visit our retail pages.

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