How to Keep Your Hotel’s Bathrobes as Plush as Possible

How to Keep Your Hotel’s Bathrobes as Plush as Possible

Published on Mar 15th 2016

Your hotel guests will wear their bathrobes for several purposes. Whether visitors use their bathrobes to lounge in their rooms or after a swim at the hotel pool, each one of your hotel bathrobes will have to be washed regularly to meet the high standards of the hospitality industry.

The Importance of Bathrobe Upkeep

With regular laundering comes the necessity to use efficient procedures that will help maintain each robe’s plush nature. When a hotel neglects the importance of using the methods necessary for sustaining its bathrobes’ fabrics, guests instantly notice the signs of wear and tear.

Since this highly draws from a hotel’s attention to the details, guests will more likely question the hotel’s dedication to providing a quality experience, which could ultimately lead to unsatisfied customers. In addition, when a hotel disregards using the proper techniques to care for its garments, it will lead to having to replenish the items sooner.

You can prevent either one of those instances from occurring by simply paying attention to the fabrics of your hotel bathrobes and their care instructions. Bathrobes should be cared for both before and after they’re used to see the best results.

High Quality Only Rule

Before getting into the different approaches to care for your bathrobes, the most significant decision you should make is purchasing bathrobes of high quality to assure enhanced durability. At Boca Terry, you’ll find a large variety of lush bathrobes made to cater to an array of settings and preferences.

Since Boca Terry has been in the bathrobe manufacturing industry for years now, we have the experience and have grown the expertise in choosing only the best quality fabrics in the industry. Along with selecting top-notch fabrics, we’ve become accustomed to creating innovative designs that exude practicality.

At Boca Terry, we pride ourselves in being perfectionists. Since we manufacture our bathrobes and spa products in our own state-of-the-art factories, it eliminates the need for any middlemen. This ultimately translates in offering a luxe assortment at a competitive price.

We always make sure that every bathrobe undergoes our quality control processes before exiting the doors of our overseas factories. Our customers can also customize their quality bathrobes with intricately stitched logos, emblems, and monograms, as well as uniquely printed designs.

Prewash Process

At Boca Terry, you’ll find bathrobes of all sorts of materials, from 100% cotton terry and velour to microfiber and micro chamois alternatives. The majority of our bathrobes are machine washable.

Once you receive your brand new bathrobes, you should wash them before placing them in your guests’ rooms or hotel spa. This will assure that each bathrobe’s fabric will tighten as thread loops are held in place, creating a longer lasting composition.

It’s recommended to use twice to three times as much laundry detergent when you’re prewashing the bathrobes for their first use. This will ensure that any lubricants or other elements used in the manufacturing process are removed to enhance absorbency.

Smooth Laundering Rituals

Once you’ve prewashed your robes, it’s time to consider how to keep them fluffed throughout their lifecycle. Over time, the buildup of laundry detergent causes bathrobes to stiffen.

Before placing bathrobes in the laundry machine, try to shake them a bit so as to loosen the fibers before exposing them to laundry detergent. Then, place a load of bathrobes of the same color in the wash.

If all of your bathrobes are white, you can use certain brightening tools to boost the aesthetic of the bathrobes. Use about half of the amount of detergent you would regularly use to wash the bathrobes to avoid having the detergent build up.

Although it seems like common knowledge to use fabric softeners, this can actually impede the absorbency of the bathrobes. The conditioner can loosen up the robes’ fibers, eventually causing them to obstruct.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t use a softener at all; rather, you can still use the right amount to avoid damaging the robes’ quality. Be sure to use warm water and full cycle washes.

Delicate Drying Routines

Once the bathrobes are washed, they should be dried right away. Leaving them in the washing machine can damage the bathrobes’ softness. Try to dry the bathrobes in fresh air when you can, followed by a quick tumble dry in the dryer to give them more fluff.

If you decide not to dry them in fresh air, then make sure that the dryer isn’t set on high heat and the cycle is shorter. When bathrobes are placed in a dryer for a long time and in a really hot cycle, it can take away from the vibrancy of the bathrobes and lead them to take on a dull facade.

Sure, it’s important to wash and dry your bathrobes carefully, but it’s just as crucial to care for them as guests wear them, too. Bathrobes should be washed right after being used by a guest, especially when worn at the pool since leaving chlorine water on the robe for a long time, repeatedly, can damage the fibers.

Get the Snuggest Hotel Bathrobes

At Boca Terry, your hotel guests can enjoy the soothing embrace of the plushest hotel bathrobes all the time, no matter where they’ll be using them. Since our bathrobes are made of the highest quality, you won’t have to search far and wide for bathrobes that will last.

You can even match the bathrobes to our selection of spa productsslippers and towels. For more information about Boca Terry bathrobes and how to maintain them, contact us now and we’ll be more than happy to help you learn about different ways to keep them looking and feeling as cozy as can be.

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